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Puppies in their FurEver Homes

Owners of our puppies write to tell us how much they love their puppies and how they're doing in their new FurEver homes.  Here are some recent comments for you to enjoy.


“Poe” is doing great! He has settled into our family beautifully! We couldn’t be happier with our little fella!


Tilly is a ball of energy and has the best personality! Thank you so much for providing us with a healthy and strong puppy!!! Do not be surprised if I give you guys a yell in a year or two for another one!!


Penny is amazing and doing so well!


We love our new boy. He is so sweet and precious. Thank you so much for another wonderful doxie from your home. I always thank God for his unique design. Hudson, our first doxie from you, goes to check on him when he cries. He is doing really well. So sweet..a bit sassy..LOL God is Great and the doxies are a part of His creation!


We are SO in love with him. He is FULL of energy--he keeps us on our toes. He's definitely added so much life to our home. He's sweet and loves to snuggle, he can fetch a ball, and wants to play ALL the time.  We are so happy we chose you to get Jack. I LOVE his color--such a deep rich red. When we are ready to get another puppy, we will definitely contact you!


I couldn’t ask for a better puppy.  He slept in his crate all night with not even a peep and he didn’t potty until I put him on his pad this morning.


Love her to death.  Thank you for the pup.  I can't be more happy!

S. P.

10 Months later...
I don't think I'd be where I am if it wasn't for Ollie. I couldn't be more grateful to have found this little happy dog, and I'm looking forward to the many more adventures we're going to have together. She is a very big personality in a very small package...I'm very lucky to have her!

S. P.

She's such a joy... I'm so grateful I'm the one that gets to give her a happy home.