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Puppies in their FurEver Homes

Owners of our puppies write to tell us how much they love there puppies and how they're doing in their new FurEver homes.  Here are some recent comments for you to enjoy.

N. & J. V.

I wanted to let you know that Mel is doing great!!!!  He has had two vet check ups/shots and he is healthy!!!!  He weighs almost 6 lbs.  he has made the perfect family pet for us...thank you!

S. & A. J.

These little dogs are just so wonderful and the puppy we got from you guys is absolutely PERFECT. He is doing so great potty training and is just a wonderful addition to our home.


Wow. He’s perfect.  Arti has been practicing being a big brother with his little toy.


I have her brother and you can't go wrong with these puppies. They are healthy, alert and all Doxie. I love my little guy and couldn't be more pleased. The owners are really good caring people.!

L.H.  (Honey)

We are thrilled with our little Honey and so grateful that you were so trustworthy and easy to work with.

You went over and above to accommodate us and we will be forever grateful because we all found our furever friend.

You did a great job with the start to potty training! She only used the puppy pad twice and went outside every other time. I'm sure there will be accidents, but she is very smart and extremely responsive to voice cues like good girl. She is settling in nicely.  As I typed this I heard her first bark ever. I took her outside and she went potty. I'm pretty sure that is very unusual.

Morning nap time. Cooper loves her and she seems happy cuddling with him. I'm sitting right next to them.!

Tiger Lily First Christmas P.M.  (Tiger Lily):

We got our sweet Tiger Lily the day before thanksgiving! She is a healthy, happy little doll! Thank you so much for bringing Lily into our lives!

Lily has loved the holiday season! We just love her so much! She is a sweetie for sure!

Cooper & Harley
T.S.  (Cooper and Harley):

We love our puppies so much!

Maxine the Hunter
G.D.  (Maxine):

I Love Her So Much!  Life is pretty good if, you don't have anything else to do but play with puppies!

Just want you to know that she is loved!

Pretty in Pink
We just love our happy little lady!
Lover Boy - Willy
Almost a year ago we picked him up! Lover boy is doing great. We call him Willy
He's so precious its like a love explosion! He's the best! Thank you for letting us adopt him!
Cream - Arti
We will travel to get another pup from you. Any chance we can get priority to get one? We would even do a deposit if needed! I really don't want to miss the opportunity to get Arti a blood sibling!! He's our world and needs a sibling! We've been putting off getting another in hopes to get one from you again! LOL man is out to dinner with us right now.
Thank you for our sweet new puppy, Dozer. He has been a wonderful addition to our family!